JLB Technologies : Your overall needs in the fast-moving competition for technological innovation.

For 35 years JLB has been equipped with a range of high performance study, design and production means and has established itself as an active partner.

JLB Technologies : Inspection

QC 1200 scanning laser measuring

Air-conditioned metrology room

Three-dimensional measuring machine

Measurement columns

Binocular enlargement x100 with micrometer head

    Profile projectors:
  •  SCHNEIDER: enlargement x20 and x50–screen dia. 500mm
  •  MITUTOYO: enlargement x10, x20 and x50
  •  SAGEM: screen dia. 500
  •  Gauge blocks
  •  Micrometers
  •  Bore measuring instruments, etc.


The entire company revolves around a "Quality Assurance" process. Our manufacturing processes bring into play a technical and human potential which are closely linked by this notion of Quality. Optimum management of our resources and methodical controls at every stage of production work towards the same objective : to give our clients products, which comply with their requirements and which are effective, competitive and delivered on time.