JLB Technologies : Your overall needs in the fast-moving competition for technological innovation.

For 35 years JLB has been equipped with a range of high performance study, design and production means and has established itself as an active partner.

JLB Technologies : Electrospark Machining

  •  AGIE CNC 4-axis with 28-position magazine
  •  CHARMILLES 60 amps
  •  AGEMA 100 amps
  •  High rate drilling
  •  Wire electrospark machining, 6 CNC machines with FANUC 6-axis

Through its industrial investment, JLB is dedicated to remaining a production unit at the forefront of progress and competitiveness.

Its latest generation machinery has great potential (7 machines, one of which 4-axis plunge electroerosive machine with a 28 tool loader) and together with staff who are capable, motivated and responsible, the Company has the ability to respond to client needs wihout any delay.